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If You need for the RF signal source, proposed RF Signal Generator, made as Arduino Uno expansion board, can help out. The RF Signal Generator shield, designed with Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) IC, is installed into Arduino Uno board directly, eliminating the very possibility of error when connecting such devices with wires.

A loop antenna, supplemented with a variable capacitor to tune into resonance with the received signal, converts the energy of an electromagnetic wave into signal voltage much more efficiently, that is, its effective length is much more than that of an ordinary loop antenna. Here, in the third part, the determining of how much more […]

In the first part, the definition of the effective length of the receiving antenna in general was given, the relationship between the electric and magnetic fields induced by the electromagnetic wave at the receiving point was shown, and an expression was obtained for calculating the effective length of the loop antenna, consisting of one turn […]

How to compare the efficiency of different receiving antennas? When comparing electric receiving antennas with each other the effective length of an antenna is used as a coefficient of ratio between the voltage induced on the open-circuited terminals of the antenna and the power of the electromagnetic wave at the receiving point. And note that […]

A Moscow radio amateur sent a review of the “Olusha-10” anti-noise ferrite rod antenna working. He carried out comparative testing twice and made two audio recordings that confirm the ability of this antenna to suppress radio interference in the medium wave frequency range. The comparison was carried out with the standard telescopic antenna of the […]

The modification of the DEGEN DE1103 radio receiver described below was done to provide the radio receiving in long and medium wave bands with an external antenna (or with the standard telescopic antenna), but not with the built-in ferrite rod antenna. Now while working on short waves too, the received signal from the standard telescopic […]

March 1, 1941 can be considered the day of the appearance of FM radio broadcasting in its usual form, that is, as a commercial industry, when the W47NV radio station with a transmitting center in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, went on the air for the first time. Here is how the American weekly “Broadcasting” wrote about […]