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An experiment with an audio recording of the reception of a broadcasting radio station in the medium wave band was carried out in order to once again confirm the ability of the anti-noise ferrite rod antenna “Olusha-10” to suppress industrial and domestic radio interference. The principle of operation of the “Olusha-10” antenna is described in […]

In the educational literature, load matching is most often considered in relation to the wave properties of a long line during the transmission of a high-frequency signal. But here the energy relations are considered during the transfer of energy from an active two-terminal network to a passive one.

After the publication of the author’s articles “Suppression of Common-mode Interference to Radio Reception” and “Master-kit from “SELGA-404” Radio Receiver Parts: Anti-noise Ferrite Rod Antenna “Olusha-T”, the anti-noise ferrite rod antenna “Olusha-10” was developed, which, unlike the antenna “Olusha-T ”, is already an independent product, and not a rework from the parts of an old […]

The home life of a resident of a modern industrial city is oversaturated with household appliances: audio, video, kitchen, computer, etc. Much of what the city dweller now cannot (or does not want to) do without is a rather powerful source of radio interference, due to which the reception of even powerful broadcasting stations is […]

In the conditions of an unfavorable electromagnetic environment of a modern industrial city, the reception of amplitude-modulated signals from radio stations operating in the ranges of long, medium and short waves is very difficult. Sources of electromagnetic interference are powerful electrical equipment of industrial enterprises, electric vehicles, lighting devices, computers, household appliances, etc. The use […]

“If one had to choose a symbol of the Occupation, it would be hard to find a better one than the radio”. Paul Sanders, “The British Channel Islands Under German Occupation 1940-1945”