Some operating experience of the magnetic ferrite rod antenna “Olusha-10” in the amateur band “160..80 m”

Monday , 11, May 2020 2 Comments

Another demonstration test of the anti-noise ferrite rod antenna “Olusha-10”, this time in the amateur radio range “160..80 m”, which also includes train radio frequencies of 2130 kHz and 2150 kHz, as well as the International Maritime Distress Frequency of 2182 kHz. The recording is not the author’s, the recording was made by a radio amateur who approached the author with an order for the manufacture of this antenna.

In this video, its creator made two inaccuracies:

  • the frequency range is not 1.6..4.0 MHz, but 1750..3950 kHz;
  • the transistors in the differential amplifier are not Soviet KP303E, but J310, although the diagram shows KP303E.

Nevertheless, the video is quite informative and educational, for which I want to express my gratitude to its creator.

The technical description and characteristics of this antenna can be found on this website:

It all started with the article “Suppression of Common-mode Interference to Radio Reception”.

Then, from the parts of the old “Selga-404” radio receiver, the first prototype of an anti-noise ferrite rod antenna was created, described in the article “Master-kit from “SELGA-404” Radio Receiver Parts: Anti-noise Ferrite Rod Antenna “Olusha-T”. After which the author began to produce such antennas to radio amateurs order. And he did this for more than 10 years. Just think, the number “10” in the name of the anti-noise ferrite rod antenna “Olusha-10” is the year 2010. I would still be doing this if it weren’t for the war. In February 2022, the Russian Federation attacked aggressively my homeland, Ukraine. I left everything and returned to my hometown of Kyiv…

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